Without question, some of BioInformant’s most popular content has been our exclusive interviews with stem cell executives and key opinion leaders (KOL). Highlighted below are six of our most popular interviews. Enjoy!

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1. PART 1 – Exclusive Q&A Interview with Dr. Itzchak Angel, CEO of Israeli Stem Cell Company, Accellta

Itzchak Angel, CEO of Accellta
Dr. Itzchak Angel, CEO of Accellta

Recently, I had the honor of doing an interview with Dr. Itzchak Angel, CEO of the Israeli stem cell company, Accellta. Holding the position of CEO at Accellta, Dr. Angel leads a team of executives and researches who are world-renowned experts at growing stem cells in suspension. Between his unwavering vision and 30 years of business development experience, he has a profound ability to identify his company’s strengths and articulate a plan to bring forth its potential within the marketplace.

2. Q&A Interview with Dr. Yael Margolin, CEO of Gamida Cell, Global Leader in Immune Oncology

Dr. Yael Margolin, CEO of Gamida Cell
Dr. Yael Margolin, CEO of Gamida Cell

In January 2016, I had the honor of interviewing the CEO of Gamida Cell, Dr. Yael Margolin. Headquartered in Jerusalem, Gamida Cell is best known for its innovative approach to hematopoietic stem cell therapeutics. Gamida Cell’s lead product, NiCord®, offers patients in need of HSCT an alternative to the existing approach of bone marrow transplant by using ex vivo expansion of cord blood. NiCord® has an orphan drug designation. NiCord®, CordIn™ and other products under development by Gamida Cell, utilize the company’s proprietary NAM platform technology to expand cells while preserving and even enhancing their functionality.


3. Radically Changing the Use of Stem Cells – Q&A Interview with Jon Rowley, CEO of RoosterBio

Group picture of the RoosterBio team.
Dr. Jon Rowley with the RoosterBio team.

In this interview with Jon Rowley, Founder and CEO of RoosterBio, we explore how his company is radically changing the use of stem cells. Founded in 2012, RoosterBio provides standardized stem cell product platforms to enable rapid clinical and commercial translation. According to Rowley, “roosters announce the coming of every new day,” making it an appropriate symbol for a company that is ushering in a new era of efficiency and productivity in the areas of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.

4. Interview with Dr. Frida Grynspan, VP of R&D and Site Manager for Stem Cell Medicine Ltd.

Interview with Dr. Frida Grynspan - Stem Cell Medicine
Dr. Frida Grynspan, VP of R&D for Stem Cell Medicine Ltd.

Stem Cell Medicine is a novel regenerative medicine company headquartered in Jerusalem, Israel. Founded in 2010, Stem Cell Medicine develops and commercializes cellular therapies in combination with pharmaceutical products, applying this approach to tissue repair, as well as the treatment of inflammatory, immunological and neurological disorders. In this interview, we discuss company leadership and strategy, as well as the company’s recent alliance with Ramot at Tel Aviv University Ltd. (Ramot) and Yeda Research and Development Company Ltd. (YEDA).

5. How Dental Stem Cells Will Impact Our Future – Q&A with BioEden Executive, Tony Veverka

Tony Veverka, Group Chief Executive at BioEden
Tony Veverka, CEO at BioEden

A global stem cell storage company, BioEden is the world’s first international biobank company to collect, assess, and cryogenically store living stem cells from deciduous teeth. It is also the largest competitor in the dental stem cell storage space with laboratories in the UK and USA and sales operations in 19 countries. In this interview with Tony Veverka, Chief Group Executive of BioEden, we explore the emerging area of dental stem cell storage, as well as current and future applications for dental pulp stem cells.

6. Part 1 – Q&A with Dr. Chris Centeno, International Expert in Use of MSCs for Orthopedic Applications

Dr. Chris Centeno, Visionary Behind Regenexx Technology
Dr. Centeno, Visionary Behind Regenexx Technology

This article is Part 1 of a two-part interview with Dr. Chris Centeno. Dr. Centeno is an international expert in regenerative medicine and the clinical use of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) in orthopedic applications. He is one of the few physicians in the world with extensive experience in the culture expansion of and clinical use of adult stem cells to treat orthopedic injuries. His clinic in Denver, Colorado, incorporates a variety of regenerative approaches, drawing patients from all over the U.S. who are seeking innovative, non-surgical treatments.